How it works?

Chronic illness is your body’s response to constant exposure to overwhelming quantities of inflammation, stress, pathogens, viruses, trauma (emotional and physical), environmental toxins and other factors. This is what is often referred to as the total burden or the total toxic burden.

Total toxic burden

Environmental toxins




Heavy metals



Emotional trauma

Emotional stress

Physiological trauma

Structural imbalances

Physical stress

Viral load



Fungal issues


The Environment Within approach is structured to support your innate physiology, thereby ensuring that each organ and system in your body functions optimally. We'll be focsuing on healing and supporting your digestive system, as it is the main source of fuel and energy for every cell in your body. Restoring your immune system balance and supporting all the detoxification pathways so as to enable your body to start addressing and effectively getting rid of toxins, viruses, pathogens, and microbes. Numerous factors we'll be taken into consideration, such as your background, your genetic SNPs and variations, your lifestyle and diet, your environment, your thoughts and beliefs, and any past traumas.

Your symptoms = Deficiencies + Imbalances + Toxic load

Keeping this information in mind, we then go ahead and design a healing strategy that resonates with you and your experiences, in other words, a healing strategy that enables you to reach your personal goals, dreams, and aspirations.


We see ourselves as a mediator of healing – teaching you to listen to your body, to understand the language of your symptoms, and providing you with the necessary skills and tools to support your foundational healing systems in order to unleash your body’s full healing potential.

We firmly believe true healing encompasses not only your physiology, but psyche, i.e. emotional, mental, and spiritual health, as well. True healing unfolds only when our bodies and minds are truly ready for the experience. Our practice thus puts a lot of emphasis on nervous system retraining by means of self-directed neuroplasticity practices, mindfulness and addressing trauma through therapies like Somatic Experiencing.