My holistic approach to determining the underlying causes of dysfunction in the body and fitting the pieces of the puzzle together comes from my own personal health journey. Having struggled with digestive issues and frequent infections throughout my childhood and teenage years, I found myself feeling broken and completely disconnected from the world as a young adult. Decades of antibiotics, prescription drugs, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and emotional trauma had taken a toll on my body. 

Finding balance and getting my health back took a wealth of knowledge, patience, and most importantly, self-love and self-compassion. My healing approach is deeply rooted in supporting the terrain of the body by addressing deficiencies and imbalances, releasing emotional trauma, and building new healthy beliefs about yourself and your environment.

Professional bio

Andrey Vukolov is a Montréal-based Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist. Andrey utilizes bio-individual nutrition and herbal remedies as the foundation of physical healing. His strong belief in the self-healing powers of the body through gradual and delicate change, drive him to utilize elements and ideas taken from Traditional Western Herbalism, Chinese Medicine and Nutritional Therapy in his practice. He believes that nourishing the body is the first step in the healing process. A key point in his practice focuses on emotional health and addressing trauma. In so doing, he helps his clients rewire their relationship to stress by helping them to rewrite old, faulty patterns by means of self-directed neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and trauma therapy.


Andrey started his practice in 2016. He has had the privilege to work and train alongside Meredith Kinzel-Ziter - a lead instructor with the Nutritional Therapy Association and a leader in the field of bio-individual nutrition. ​​ Andrey is available for online consultation and both individual and group programs in Montréal and the Greater Montréal area.