Kiona Pfeiffer is a Denver-based Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, she received her training from the Nutritional Therapy Association, which builds upon an undergraduate degree in science. Kiona has a particular interest in the emerging field of nutritional psychiatry (the role nutrition plays in mental health) as well as nutrigenomics (the study of the interaction between nutrition and our genes). With a passion for discovering folk remedies, wellness rituals, traditional diets, and travel, Kiona has observed, first hand, what she believes are some of the common denominators to robust health and how to incorporate these into daily life in a practical way.


Kiona grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin and worked as a licensed massage therapist in San Francisco before owning a busy massage therapy practice in Manhattan. She is an avid cyclist and devoted artist.


She is thrilled to be offering one-on-one nutrition consultations, trainings in the greater Denver area.